Michael Nye Launches “My Heart is Not Blind” Podcast

How does anyone blind or sighted understand the world?  Perception is deeper and more mysterious than we can imagine. Our other senses have their own wisdom separate from sight.

This weekly podcast hosted by Michael Nye is a series of narrative histories that focus on the shifting pools of perception and deep transformation.

Michael spent seven years listening. “It takes time to tell a story.” Knowing what the world looks like is not a requirement for understanding. Stories are often found resting along the edges of surprise and revelation. Every person – every place is a map to somewhere else.

The first 9 Episodes were released on February 3 and two new Episodes are scheduled to be released each following week. There will be 48 total episodes in this series.

Michael Nye practiced law for ten years before pursuing photography full time. He has received a Mid-America National Endowment for the Arts grant in photography and two Kronkosky Charitable Foundation grants. His documentaries, photography & audio exhibitions, Children of Children, Fine Line: Mental Health/Mental Illness and About Hunger & Resilience have traveled to more than 150 cities across the country. His new exhibition, My Heart Is Not Blind debuted at the Witte Museum. (Trinity University Press released a book, My Heart Is Not Blind in 2019.)  Michael received the 2019 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind.

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