Independent Living Training Center Ready to Serve Blind Texans

The Austin Lighthouse has finished construction on an onsite Independent Living Training Center. This center will provide services and training to Blind and Visually Impaired Texans ages 45 and above. The training will provide the confidence and skills necessary to remain independent in their households.

Training will be conducted in a “efficiency” style apartment with classroom/group training to be held in the kitchen area of the facility. The living area will provide individualized training to magnify skills and techniques on basic housekeeping and living situations. To include, but not limited to, learning how to make a bed, set a dinner table, sort/identify clothing and/or canned items as well as tips/tools for marking appliances.

Classroom training area provides confidence to network with others outside their home. Build life skills to promote informed decisions, learn resources, participate in peer group activities, share and/or develop recipes. Overall retain their self-confidence in daily living situations. 

Certified staff members will conduct the training.  Additionally, as a component of the Independent Living Service the Austin Lighthouse will provide Orientation & Mobility (O&M) training by certified staff.