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Vocational Services and Support

Our job readiness training is geared toward individuals seeking employment, whether making a career change or seeking a job for the first time since vision loss. Our training process is specifically designed to create new skill sets and expand upon existing skills to further develop the job candidates’ employment opportunities.

  1. Employment Readiness

    We proudly use the resources of, to help guide our students toward answering “What career should I have?

    Visually impaired Austin Lighthouse employee answering telephone calls.
  2. Orientation and Mobility Training

    All patrons complete an orientation and mobility assessment. If they need additional direction, they are referred to a certified Orientation and Mobility Instructor. Because safety is of the utmost importance to us, only individuals who are able to safely navigate independently and within a work environment qualify to move on in the program.

    Visually impaired man walking into a building lead by his guide dog.
  3. Independent Living

    We assess independent living skills including cooking, hygiene habits, getting ready for work, and time management. An Independent Living Coach will be referred to individuals who need more instruction. Progress, attendance and task completion will be monitored.

    Two vision impaired men walking in a park.
  4. Technical Skills

    As part of initial intake, a technical skills assessment will determine if additional computer skills training is needed. If so, classes are made available, coordinated by our Adaptive Technology Trainers.

    Two vision impaired women working at a computer station.
  5. Job Search Mentoring

    Individuals will work with our Vocational Services team to conduct job searches, covering the basics of online job search and how to apply to positions they are qualified for.

    Austin Lighthouse employee aiding a vision impaired man search for jobs at a computer.
  6. Cover Letter and Resume Writing

    Those with established resumes and cover letters will have them reviewed by our Vocational Services team. We also assist to create resumes and demonstrate the proper way to draft a compelling cover letter.

    Austin Lighthouse employee helping visually impaired woman on a computer.
  7. Interviewing Techniques and Training

    Mock interviews are conducted and tailored for specific positions students are considering. A one-on-one mock interview and a panel interview are performed prior to any scheduled interviews. These “trial-runs” provide practice answering common interview questions and chances to work on correcting any delivery mistakes.

    A vision impaired Austin Lighthouse employee interviewing a vision impaired candidate.

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