Commanding General of U.S. Army Material Command Visits Austin Lighthouse

General Edward Daly presents a challenge coin to assembler Shanta Taylor during a visit to the Austin Lighthouse’s Regional Logistic Support Center on October 28, 2022.

Four Star General Edward Daly, the Commanding General of theU.S. Army Material Command (AMC), visited the Austin Lighthouse on Friday, October 28.
Led by Lighthouse President and CEO Jim Meehan, General Daly toured two areas of the agency, the Lighthouse’s U.S. Army uniform repair operation, known as the RLSC Austin Laundry & Refurbishment department, and the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) Kevlar repurposing department. He presented Challenge Coins to several employees along the way.

Assembler Alberto Gonzales receives a Challenge Coin from General Daly.

“I had no idea,” General Daly was overheard saying while observing the employees in action. It’s a common phrase repeated by visitors when touring any part of the nearly one million square feet of warehouse space the Lighthouse operates upon.

He was unfamiliar with the value proposition the Austin Lighthouse provides to the U.S. Army and the employee’s use of technology that provides improved capabilities and capacity.

General Daly was impressed by the operation and committed to becoming an Ambassador for the Lighthouse.

RLSC Austin employees and Lighthouse leadership gathers for a photo with General Edward Daly and his team during their visit to the Lighthouse.