18-wheelers and mobile trailers with stairs leading to their doors sit in parking lot. Tents are in the background.

Austin Lighthouse for the Blind Hosts HBO Cast & Crew

The HBO Max miniseries Love and Death shot scenes for the upcoming crime drama at the Omni Hotel at South Park on January 21 in Austin, Texas. The production base camped at Travis Association for the Blind, the Austin Lighthouse between scenes.

Lighthouse locations on Business Center Drive and Pleasant Valley Road made room for the 250 member cast and crew to set up mobile trailers and canopied catering tents.

“The Austin Lighthouse played an important hosting role to our company, and we couldn’t be more thankful or pleased with the staff there,” said an HBO spokesman.

 Love & Death is based on a true story about a woman accused of killing her friend with an ax in North Texas in the 1980s. Nicole Kidman is the Executive Producer of the miniseries starring actress Elizabeth Olsen. According to a rep for the drama, it’s easily one of the largest film productions that the Austin area (let alone the state of Texas) has had the opportunity to play host to. The project is set to finish principal filming this April.

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