Austin Lighthouse Accessible Robots Featured in Forbes

Four autonomous mobile robots rolled into the Austin Lighthouse’s warehouse in Taylor, Texas, this Spring and immediately improved the way the 310 thousand square foot space operates. Increased productivity and accessibility came along with the new additions.

Forbes contributor Steven Aquino spoke with Al Perales, VP of Business Innovation, about the initiative.

Perales said the robots reduce the amount of walking warehouse workers have to do to complete a task. As a result, it opens up job opportunities for people with limited mobility.

“It also provides the chance to teach a higher-level skill that can translate into a job outside of the Lighthouse. The software and robots are managed and supported by one of our own visually impaired employees.”

Read the full article on Forbes – Exclusive: How the Austin Lighthouse for the Blind Uses Robotics to Make Warehouse Work More Efficient and More Accessible.

Watch the robots in action and hear from the employees using the latest tech innovations at the Lighthouse:

Video produced by Woody Harrison Films

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