Los Angeles Times Reports on Employment Boom for Disabled Workers, Includes Lighthouse Employees

Melissa Merrell is deafblind and works as the Austin Lighthouse’s Accounts Receivable Specialist. She began working from home during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bobby Pellechia is legally blind. He was formerly a Data Systems Specialist at the Lighthouse’s Regional Logistic Support Center in Taylor. He’s moved on to new opportunities after his talents were discovered while assisting one of the many carriers that pick up freight from the warehouse. His new position allows him to work remote.

Melissa and Bobby are two of many disabled workers who are reaping the rewards of a surge in remote jobs due to the pandemic. Read the Los Angeles Times report below.

People with disabilities reap benefits of surge in telework – Los Angeles Times
The COVID-19 pandemic’s silver lining for people with disabilities: a lot more remote work opportunities. Will it last?