Putting the Eye in AI – Part 2

The Austin Lighthouse trainers continue their discussion on how artificial intelligence can enhance the lives of people who are blind. In this installment of the Lighthouse educational webinar series, the trainers are examining Google Lookout and Google Lens, apps available only on Android devices. Click the video below to learn all about them.

Handout – Putting the Eye in AI (Part 2)

Webinars in This Series:

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  2. Tips, Taps and Apps for the iPhone
  3. Hey Google, Let’s Talkback About Tips, Tricks & Apps for Android
  4. To Disclose or Not To Disclose, That is The Question
  5. You Can Have That Delivered?
  6. The Lockdown Scholar
  7. Open Your Windows
  8. Smart speakers and Smart Homes for Smart People
  9. I Get Around
  10. Cooking With Confidence