Pamela Chesser is NIB’s 2020 National Employee of the Year

The Austin Lighthouse is proud to include Pamela Chesser as a valued member of our dynamic team. For 12 years, she has boosted the morale of her colleagues and reminded them of the value of the service they provide to our armed services. Pam earned the 2020 Peter J. Salmon Employee of the Year award from National Industries for the Blind. She was selected from a nationwide pool of candidates from each NIB partner agency. Congratulations to you, Pam! We know this is only the beginning of the recognition you deserve.

Blind for most of her life, Pam has never let her vision slow her down. As a child her goal was “to be the first woman to fight in combat;” note that she doesn’t qualify that with the word blind. Her grandfather was a colonel in the army. He was highly respected by his men and long after returning to civilian life as a dentist serving veterans, he was still known as the colonel. Pam developed a lifelong respect for military service by watching her grandfather. Pam says, “Whenever I found the warehouse it was closest to what I could do because I’m not able to do anything actively for the country, but I can help the military by sending them the supplies that they need.”  Pam works to support troops in combat by providing body armor and other critical equipment contributing to national security.

Jacob Guzman, Senior Manager of 3rd Party Logistics at the Austin lighthouse says, “She really deserves it (the award). I’ve been at this company for 20 years, and she’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around.”

In addition to her dedication to her work, Pam is an active and proud mother. She has led her daughters’ Girl Scout troupe for seven years. In that time, Pam says she has learned a lot, and has enjoyed the opportunity to teach the girls. Her leadership experience has made her more independent. From camping trips to cooking to cookie sales, Pam’s troop has excelled.

Pam overcame her own expectations. She did not believe she could teach the girls how to cook on a Coleman stove for example, but with a little practice she found it was not only possible, but empowering. The greatest challenge she overcame leading the troop was when they visited a ranch outside of Austin. Due to injury and illness, she found herself and one other parent in charge of the girls in an unfamiliar environment. IN the end the girls still report that they had an awesome experience.

Pam also coached little league baseball for her boys when they were younger and plays beep baseball for the Austin Blackhawks. She is putting together an women’s beep ball team which will play in the 2021 World Series of Beep Baseball.

Her commitment to her country, her co-workers, and her community make Pamela Chesser the perfect choice for the Peter J. Salmon Employee of the Year award. WE are proud to have her on our team here at the Austin Lighthouse.

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