Smart speakers and Smart Homes for Smart People

IN this eighth installment in our educational webinar series the Austin Lighthouse training team will share their experiences with smart speakers and smart home devices. It turns out we do all live in the sci-fi future where you can tell your house to cool down, your oven to heat up, and your fridge to order more milk.


  • Discover what a smart speaker is and how it fits into a smart home.
  • Experience samples of three different smart speaker platforms.
  • Control appliances around your home with only your voice.


  • Aaron Hoffman: Lead Adaptive Technology Instructor
  • Baylee Alger: Adaptive Technology Instructor
  • Dan Hart: Data/Accessibility Specialist
  • Eric Sifuentes: Adaptive Technology Instructor
  • Taryn Schriewer: Tab Solutions Store Clerk
  • Thomas Stivers: Service Coordinator

Smart Speakers and Smart Homes for Smart People – Handout

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