Visually impaired Austin Lighthouse employee taking stock in warehouse.

Distribution Services Training

Our Distribution Services Training program is an on-the-job education curriculum focused on making trainees qualified as a Certified Warehouse Specialist. Over the course of 60 work days, trainees will learn every aspect of our Warehouse and Distribution Services beginning with an orientation process and tour of our Distribution Center. Working with a trainer, each trainee will work consecutively in each role, completing equipment instruction, order fulfillment, shipping processes, and order verification. Trainees who successfully complete the program, will receive a certificate as a Certified Warehouse Specialist and be recommended as a variable employee with Austin Lighthouse Distribution Center. Successful trainees are encouraged, and assisted, to apply to any positions both inside and outside the company as long-term employment cannot be guaranteed after training is complete.

Our Training and Education Services department is solely responsible for hiring, documenting, and recommending for continued employment or terminating trainees in this program.


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