Lighthouse Employees Headed to Beep Baseball World Series

Seven Austin Lighthouse employees are Wichita-bound for the 2021 Beep Baseball World Series. Our employees, representing the Austin Blackhawks and San Antonio Jets, will play in the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) tournament July 27 – 31 in Wichita, Kansas.

Brandon Chesser, a beep baseball player and Lighthouse supervisor, shared a few details about the familiar faces seeking a World Series title this week. Read on to meet our athletes.


Wayne Sibson – Production Worker

The back of Wayne's jersey is in view as he stands with others for a coin toss.

Austin Blackhawks

Wayne Sibson, the founder and captain of the Austin Blackhawks, is a 10-time World Series champion and a National Beep Baseball Association Hall of Famer. He’s traveled to Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to spread his love and knowledge of the sport. Wayne, who hasn’t missed a World Series since 1979, is proud to have his Blackhawks seated 4th heading into the 2021 World Series and hopes to pull off another victory.

Lupe Perez – 3PL Warehouse Specialist

Lupe stands ready to bat in a Blackhawks uniform with the catcher behind him andthe pitcher in front.

Austin Blackhawks

Lupe Perez is one of the top five greatest beep baseball players of all time. He’s been playing the game since 1985 and has an impressive 12 World Series titles under his belt, eight with the Austin Blackhawks and four with the former West Coast Dawgs.

The NBBA Hall of Famer is a powerhouse hitter known for his laserbeam line drives and speed to the base. He currently plays with the SanAntonio Jets and hopes to help them win their first World Series victory this season. Lupe is currently ranked 19th out of the Top 100 players in 2021. The Jets are seated 2nd going into the 2021 World Series.

Brandon Chesser – 3PL Inventory Control Supervisor

Brandon squats in the outfield.

Beth Redifer Robison

Brandon Chesser is a 2015 inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York; the first Blind ballplayer to receive the Major League of Baseball’s (MLB) most prestigious honor. He’s an Austin Blackhawk with two World Series titles. Brandon, a four-time Offensive All-Star, has traveled with the Hawks to the Dominican Republic and Argentina to spread awareness of the sport and blindness education. Brandon is currently ranked 7th out of the top 100 players in the World. He’s the Team Captain for the Blackhawks and hopes to lead them to their 10th World Title at the 2021 World Series.

Pamela Chesser – 3PL Warehouse Specialist

Pam kneels on the ground and holds up a ball.

Austin Blackhawks

Pamela Chesser is a  power-hitting left-handed batter for the nine-time World Series-winning Austin Blackhawks and the Southwest Bombshells. Pam joined the Hawks in 2007 and assisted with their 2014 and 2015 World Series wins. She’s a strong advocate for beep baseball and is passionate about getting youth involved in the sport. She’s assisting with the development and coaching of the Austin Junior Hawks, a youth division for the sport.

Pamela is geared up and ready to assist the Blackhawks to their 10th World Series victory.


Dariuhs Sterling – 3PL Warehouse Specialist

Dariuhs swinging at the ball coming towards him.

Austin Blackhawks

Dariuhs Sterling, a five-time Defensive All-Star, is currently ranked 24th out of the World’s top 100 players and is looking for his 3rd title with the Austin Blackhawks. A member of the team since 2014, Darius has two World titles and was a part of the team that traveled to Argentina to educate others on blindness and the sport of Beep Baseball.

Edwin Manning – RLSC Austin Laundry Specialist  & Skin Care Production Worker

Ed runs onto base with his arms stretched out.

Beth Redifer Robison

Ed is a tall, right-handed batter who has brought size and intimidation to the plate for the Austin Blackhawks since 2016. He’s the teammate that keeps everyone laughing when he’s not making big defensive moves. He generally starts in short right field, but excels in the mid-field, as well. Ed is looking to help the Blackhawks to climb back to the top of the Beep Baseball mountain. He’s currently ranked 69th out of the Top 100 players in the World.

Robert Perez – 3PL Warehouse Specialist

Robert prepares to swing with catcher and crowd in background.

Austin Blackhawks

Robert is a globe-traveling member of the Austin Blackhawks. He holds two World Series titles and has made multiple title game appearances, including the Taiwan games in 2000. In addition, he’s played a massive role in educating players during their rookie years to understand the sport better, molding players like Dariuhs, Pamela, Ed, and Brandon. Robert is ready to help the Blackhawks to another victory at the 2021 World Series.

Up & Comer

Danial Brock – 3PL Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Danial began his career with the Austin Blackhawks in 2020. He’s been learning the game and will make his rookie season debut in 2022. The Blackhawks are excited to release their secret weapon, Danial Brock, in the 2022 World Series.

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